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2023-01-06 16:56:57 By : Mr. Volin Huang

Your primary duty after welcoming a newborn is to ensure that he/she eats a healthy diet. Doctors recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months before introducing other meals and artificial milk. However, this might be quite a strain, particularly for a new mother. And, indeed, we frequently struggle to find time to devote to breastfeeding. That's where breast pumps come in, and are every mom's match made in heaven!

Owing to the same, with its innovative tech-enabled breast pump, Thea is a company that is committed to making new moms' life smoother and more comfortable. The Théa pumps are pretty small, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is tubeless and hidden under your bra, allowing you to go about your day without restriction while pumping.The théa electric breast pump is the only breast pump available in the market that is tech-enabled with an App. It keeps track of the pumping sessions and aids mothers in understanding their infants' needs. The app records every pumping session, monitors how much milk is expressed from each breast, and provides reminders to pump. Additionally, this technologically advanced breast pump eliminates the hand pain that comes with manual breast pumping by not requiring manual pumping. Electric Milk Collector

The Théa Pump - Every New Mom

 Théa was created in New York by a group of people passionate about women's health and committed to enhancing women's health with cutting-edge technologies. Gynecologists, pediatricians, and lactation consultants possessing decades of knowledge in comprehending and easing women's nursing issues make up Théa's advisory group.

Sharing her take on the théa electric breast pump, founder Ms.Sagar states, “Even if you are on maternity leave, you will undoubtedly need to do errands and handle a variety of other responsibilities. Doing all these things can be very challenging if the baby clings to your breast all day. Most parents eventually introduce artificial milk as a result. However, utilizing our breast pump will help you prevent frustration because your baby can continue to receive breast milk even if you cannot devote the necessary time to on-contact-breastfeeding.”

Consequently, breast pumps can enhance new mothers' mental health in a number of aspects, including lowering stress and anxiety, encouraging bonding, supporting breastfeeding objectives, and enabling women to take breaks, which is crucial for preserving their sense of well-being. However, conventional breast pumps currently on the market are cumbersome and have disadvantages. They include lengthy tubes, wires, and bottles that awkwardly hang outside the user's body, requiring women to pump in private. The moment Théa enters, everything changes. Nursing mothers can express breast milk handsfree & discreetly using this one-of-a-kind breast pump. Milk is expressed from the pumping motion and collected using a compact milk container. Using the théa pump allows new moms to redefine their breastfeeding journey in a manner that is convenient to them – no more having to sit behind closed doors to pump – with thea, you can pump anytime, anywhere, even while driving a car!

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The Théa Pump - Every New Mom

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