Toyota Brings Two Ten-Second Supras and a GR86 Drift Car to SEMA

2022-11-23 16:56:54 By : Mr. Super technics

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Whether you're into straight-line pulls, sideways fun, or rally action, Toyota has a modified car for you this year. New Energy Vehicle Radiator

Toyota Brings Two Ten-Second Supras and a GR86 Drift Car to SEMA

Toyota isn't holding back at SEMA this year. In addition to the ultra-cool GR Corolla Rally concept shown Tuesday, the company has brought three more new concepts to the show floor: A pair of "10-second" Supras and a "Daily Drifter" GR86. We can't decide which one we like best.

The 10-second Supra twins are a clear ode to the original Fast & Furious movie, where main character Brian O'Connor tells Dominic Toretto he owes him a 10-second car. He, of course, makes good on that promise by giving Dom his highly modified MkIV Supra at the end of the movie so he could escape the police.

The Toyota Motorsports Garage was given a budget of $10,000 each to modify these Supras in such a way that would squeeze them into the 10-second quarter-mile range. Both are 3.0 Supras with 8-speed automatics, which means from the factory, they could sprint to the quarter in 12.1 seconds. Toyota performed a single-turbo conversion on the engine, and added a high-performance intercooler, heat exchanger, and transmission cooler, all from CSF. The result is a 30- to 40-percent increase in horsepower.

Outside the engine bay you'll find a set of Weld Racing wheels wrapped in Micky Thompson drag radials, perfect for getting that power to the ground. There are also a set of strengthened half-shafts to handle the extra torque. Inside the cabin there's a set of six-point harnesses. Toyota says each of these cars can now run the quarter-mile in the high 10-second range.

The GR86 Daily Drifter is on an entirely different end of the smile-inducing spectrum. Developed by well-known photographer Larry Chen, the goal was to create an exciting drift car normal people could afford to build and maintain. Under the hood sits an HKS GT2 supercharger with its own intercooler, paired to a CSF aluminum radiator and a MagnaFlow exhaust. There's also a set of ST Suspensions coilovers, a StopTech big brake kit, and Motegi racing wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advans.

Toyota Brings Two Ten-Second Supras and a GR86 Drift Car to SEMA

Supercharger Intercooler Look around the Daily Drifter and you'll find plenty of carbon fiber. The hood, splitter, wing, side skirts, and rear valance are all made of the stuff. Inside there's a four-point roll cage, a Sparco racing seat, and a Toyota short-shift kit.